Mix2Master is solely about providing one thing:

Affordable mixing and mastering for musicians on a tight budget.

What i’ve Achieved

  • Mixing of many happy clients recorded material worldwide.

  • Mastering of countless songs for professional and amateur artists.

  • Built a reputation for quality work and advice.

My Mission

To offer you my many years of experience and help you realise your music's potential from my dedicated mixing and mastering studio here in the Scottish Borders.

My Services Include:

  • Post-Productions Audio

  • TV, Film & Video Audio

  • Mixing

  • Mastering

  • RedBook CD Mastering

  • DDP Image Creation

"As a mixing and mastering engineer my goal is to get your music to sound the best it possible can" - Steve Murray

Remember your location doesn't matter. I work with artists in the US, UK and Europe.

“It was great to work with someone so easy going and amenable who was able to give us novices lots of help and advice. The tracks sound amazing, well done for putting up with our many requests in such a pleasant way.”
— The Humble Scribes