Professional Studio Mastering Services UK Only £19.99 inc VAT

If you’re here reading this page you know that mastering is the essential final step in making music sound great across all playback systems. Whether your song will be played back on headphones, a Bluetooth speaker or soundbar it needs to sound it’s best.

A great mix can be taken to an amazing mix with the knowledge behind proper mastering.

In recent times with the use of online streaming services like Spotify, Itunes and YouTube music competitive loudness is really a thing of the past. These services automatically turn overly loud tracks down and quieter tracks up so you don’t have to push your song to the edge at the cost of sound quality. Over maximising the volume can really mess with E.Q balance and dynamics of a song.

We listen critically and expertly master your songs.

With my mastering service when i start a mastering session for a client sound quality and dynamics are my key goals.

I will of course be looking to balance the E.Q of your song and remove any frequency issues i find. Furthermore if compression is required I will implement it only if the track benefits from it. Enhancing stereo depth and peak limiting will be the final steps of the process.

Discount Structure:

  • 4 Songs Mastered 10% discount

  • 5-10 Songs Mastered 15% discount

  • 10+ Songs Mastered 20% discount

My turnaround for mastering is usually 24 hours. If of course there is any change to that turnaround I will let you know before I start on your song.

What is included in your online Mastering service?

E.Q Balancing
Mastered 320Kbps MP3
Mastered 16Bit/24bit WAV
ISRC Codes

I’m happy to give any advice on your mix if required before we go ahead with the mastering process to ensure you get the best master in the end.

I master everything in my fully sound treated studio with multiple reference speakers, outboard hardware as well as plugins for surgical tweaks.

The end goal is to provide you with a balanced E.Q, more clarity, punch, volume and separation.

~ Steve Murray