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Full Mixing and Mastering Offer until the end of the year.

For a limited time Mix2Master are offering a great mixing and mastering package deal:

professional song mix & professional mastering all for a super competitive package price of only £60 inc VAT.

That's right, mixing and mastering for only £60. This offer wont be around forever, so if you need a song mixed and mastered and have a tight budget you won't find a better price online right now. 

Online Mixing Service includes:

  • EQ of all instruments in the mix.

  • Compression of vocals and instrument tracks.

  • Vocal balancing.

  • Vocal pitch correction (if required).

  • Application of effects to enhance your mix.

  • Drum Editing (if requires).

  • Re-amping of guitars and bass.

  • 2 Free Mix Revisions.

  • Instrumental Mix (If requested)

Online Mastering Service includes:

  • Carefully balanced EQ specific to your song.

  • Subtle compression if needed.

  • Subtle enhancement.

  • Professional limiting to increase tracks volume.

  • Dithering

  • We supply you with both a 320kbps mp3 file and 16Bit WAV file.