Professional Studio Mixing Online £55 inc VAT

Professional mixing is sometimes out of reach of the average musician. With Mix2Master this is not the case! You can have a professional sound at far lower cost than you would think. A pro mix is an accumulation of years of listening and many thousands of hours of hard work, a great ear for details and a professional room.

Crafting the perfect mix is as much artistic as technical.

Discount Structure:

  • 4 Songs Mixed 10% discount

  • 5-10 Songs Mixed 20% discount

  • 10+ Songs Mixed 30% discount

Single song professionally mixed.

A professional mix with a clear and solid sound. Defined instruments and vocals. Vocal Tuning / timing and Drum editing. Utilising compression, eq, reverb and delays. Noise gating, automation and much more.

What is included in your online Mixing service?

EQ Instruments
Compression of Vocals & Instruments
Balancing Vocals
Vocal Tuning / Pitch Correction
Delay and Reverbs
Drum Editing
Reamping of Guitars & Bass
Mix Revisions
Instrumental Mix if required

2 Mix Revisions free of charge.