Free Test Mastering (1 Song only)

Get one song mastered and a 30 second sample of the mastering sent to you.

Claim your free mastering sample and hear how your song will sound with my mastering service.

Just fill in the form below click upload song to upload your file then click submit on the form.

I will master your song and send it back to you as soon as possible.


  • Due to increased workload, please only submit songs if you are seriously considering professional mastering.

  • Make sure your songs have no limiters or compression plugins added to the final stereo output. .

  • Send your song in .wav format or .aiff format. Do not send MP3’s as they are not suitable for mastering.

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Enter a description of the sound you are aiming for with this master: e.g. bright, dark, more bass, EQ balance, punchy, clear etc. Links to any reference songs with a similar sound to what you are looking for.
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