Frequently asked questions:

What is online mixing and mastering?

Simply put you send over your recordings to us via an online service like in WAV format. We load then into out DAW (digital audio workstation) here at Mix2Master, use our professional experience to mix your recorded tracks or master an already mixed track and send the resulting audio back to you.

how long does it take to mix or master?

We like to leave a lead time of 24-48 hours for mixing to ensure we can get you the best mix possible. For mastering we offer a 24 hour turn around although sometimes quicker.

how do i export my track(s) for mixing or mastering?

It all depends on which DAW you use. I can assist you if you email me asking how to export no matter which DAW system you use.

do you offer mix revisions?

Yes! I offer 2 free revisions for both mixing and mastering services. A mix revision can be as many changes as you need in one pass. After that any further revisions are charged at £15 inc VAT per revision pass.

do you discount?

Yes! Discount Structure:

  • 4 Songs Mixed or Mastered 10% discount

  • 5-10 Songs Mixed or Mastered 20% discount

  • 10+ Songs Mixed or Mastered 30% discount

Example: 4 Tracks mastered £88 discounted to £80

can i attend a mixing session or mastering session?

You can. If you require to sit in on the sessions I am happy to oblige. For attended mixing it is £65 per session / song, for attended mastering £30 per session / song. 

does your studio have acoustic treatment?

Yes, my room is treated with bass traps, broadband adsorption panels and diffusion. This allows me to hear your mix correctly. Therefore I can make the right decisions in regards to EQ and compression without my room affecting the sound integrity of the original recordings.

can you provide ddp images & ISRC Codes for duplication? 

Yes, I can sequence and add all information to your tracks including ISRC codes and DDP image to send to a duplication plant. DDP images including all track titles, sequencing, gaps and cross fades are £25 inc VAT.

do i get a physical cd disc when my album has been mixed or mastered?

I supply one Redbook compliant CD disc only on request at no extra cost.

any questions on our mixing or mastering services we haven't covered please ask: