Gramotech Pompeii Mutiband Compressor on SALE £29.99

Gramotech Pompeii.jpg

Pompeii is the latest plugin I’ve been using recently. As with Gramotech the interface is excellent like their Babylon EQ. Currently on sale at It’s great to be able to split your signal into 4 bands and compress individually. I’ve mainly been using this on client’s masters with good results.

One of the interesting features too with this dynamics processor is the master compression section. Unlike any other multi-band compressor you can leave the compression for bands untouched and use the master section as a normal wide-band compressor very handy indeed.

Bypass, solo and mute on each band is excellent for listening to what frequencies you are processing. Adjustable knee and mix for parallel compression. One final feature in the adjustable crossover frequency steepness that you can set from a smooth 24db/Octave to a much steeper 120db/Octave.

Everything on the interface is easy to read and use my only small complaint is that you can’t use the mouse scroll wheel to adjust the threshold control for some reason? However it works on all other controls. A small update could remedy this.

It seems very transparent with little coloration and I have had good success mastering material with it in a subtle manner.

Some info from Gramotech:

It was designed to give you ultimate control over the loudness of your sound. To achieve this, Pompeii splits your signal into four, user configurable bands and applies either compression or expansion to the band before mixing them back together. Pompeii also features a master band which is applied after the four other bands and applies to the full frequency range.