Brainworx bx_Console Plugin Released

Classic console tone? Unparalleled analog realism? 

These are the claims by Brainworx the company behind the development of bx_console. A faithful emulation of their own in-house Neve VXS 72 channel console with 72 channels modelling the channel to channel variations of each. So every channel on this plugin sounds different. 

Is it a game changer? Is it worth the retail price of $299? Does this really impart an analog sound that you need in your studio without paying thousands for a console? 

I'll let you decide!

The interface as you will see in the video is crammed with controls and is a huge gui. There are filters, eq, compressor, expander and more included in this plugin.

In the video below I test out bx_console features on some drums and guitar:


  • Emulates the channel to channel variation between 72 channels of the brainworx console
  • Adds several “mods” to the already fantastic original design in the EQ and Dynamics sections
  • Delivers iconic console tone without the noise and instability of a vintage console, unless desired and dialed in on purpose
  • Four-band EQ plus high pass and low pass filters
  • Comprehensive dynamics section (Compressor/Limiter, Expander/Gate)
  • Loaded with plenty of useful presets to give you a starting place for finding your sound
  • EUCON parameter mapping for Avid controllers, including the S6 control surface
  • Noise control allows you to mimic the noise level of the original or maintain all the tone without any noise
  • A piece of rock and roll history, inside your DAW