PSP Audio NobelQ Pultec Emulation Plugin

PSP Audio, a company that takes classic designs and really adds usable and unique features. Their NobelQ plugin is something of an old Pultec EQ with some unique twists. Highpass filter anyone? Yes! Boost and attenuate the mid frequencies? Yes! Peak and shelf filters for high? again Yes and more. 

A valve control let's you add some great and smooth valve emulation into the signal path, something that works great on vocals or bass guitar. If you're ITB mastering then choose clear mode to disable it. 

The low end on this plugin just sounds fantastic! Punchy and deep, the mids are nice and the highs are smooth. I'm hard pressed to find anything to gripe about in this plugin and it sells for a meager $69.

The best in the box Pultec I have tried so far. Installation and activation was a breeze and the sound quality is top notch. 

Worth a demo, I'll link here to PSP Audio.