Sknote Disto Plugin Released

Sknote Disto Distressor plugin

Exciting stuff in the audio world right now. SKnote have just released Disto and emulation of the classic Empirical Labs Distressor and FATSO!


I bought this and I am very happy with how faithful to the orginial units this is.


It really shines on Drums, bass and vocals. Classic aggressive in your face compression, OPTO mode and brit mode emulating the 1176 all button in sound.

The FATSO unit on the bottom can be used independently of the compressor unit. The Warmth control is excellent at controlling the digital harshness in high frequencies you get when using digital amp simulators. Dial it in until the fix is gone and you have a much more realistic and organic guitar tone.

The Hottitude adds tube style saturation which can get quite crispy if over done.

As a tone shaper the FATSO unit is excellent.

The compressor unit on top handles everything from clean compression to all out assault. Very versitile.

Distortion modes provide some nice saturation even emulating tape with Dist3.

Over all a compressor at $30 better than most 10 times it's price. Another recommendation from me. I use this when mixing drums and bass a lot now it's perfect.

Info Here:

Disto is an emulation of two different devices in one. It is designed by merging their features to get a single processing system.

A Mid/Side encoding/decoding matrix is added to the rack, which, thanks to independent controls, gives full access to Mid and Side processing.

The character of the rack is widely expanded, by offering a "Standard/Out of Order" selection. Standard mode has the character and headroom of the original modelled devices. Out of Order mode has a lot stronger effects for stronger processing.

Main features:

- Several compression modes.

- Knee compression.

- Several saturation modes.

- Warmth control. A special dynamic filter attenuates brightness for a "tape" style warming effect.

- Hottitude control. Set headroom and saturation independently from dynamic control.

- Output transformer option. A special saturation on low frequency range.

- Mid/Side matrix, with independent controls for Mid and Side.

- Original/Out of Order modes.