Super happy with what you did, I believe this is the beginning of a fruitful collaboration, I know now where to go to get the job done the proper way.
— Martim Melo

Song mastering

Got a great mix and now need the final touches to get a great sounding final master?:

Online Mastering Service  £19.99  with 24 hour turnaround & professional sounding master.

Online Mastering Service £19.99 with 24 hour turnaround & professional sounding master.

Song Mixing

Are your song’s recorded well and ready to be mixed? Do you need an affordable but also great sounding mixer?

Online Mixing Service  £100  up to 48 hour turnaround & professional sounding mixes.

Online Mixing Service £100 up to 48 hour turnaround & professional sounding mixes.

Live Mixing

Mixing of live multi-track sessions. Watch a recent live performance I mixed for Acoustic Gallagher a great local band.

Live performance of Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Holy Mountain MacArts Galashiels 13th July 2018

The Engineer


Hi and thanks for visiting my website. I’m Steve Murray a mixing and mastering engineer with a passion and love for music, a musician, a father and maybe your next creative partner?

I’ve been in the music business for almost 20 years. Recording, mixing, mastering, writing and session work. I still have a love for all musical genres and working with musicians like you.

There’s a large amount of people offering online mixing and mastering services these days and it can be difficult to find the right engineer for the job. Are you looking for a mix engineer who mixes music in a standard way or an individual mixer who really cares about your music and will work along side you the artist to get the results you want?

Simply you should reach out and strike up a conversation with them. Communicate your creative ideas, see how open they are to working to helping you and develop a relationship that can bring the best out of your music.

I’m not your bargain basement mixer however I think fair pricing is important as the music industry has changed so much over the years and so have budgets. I charge what I think is a fair amount for my services. I truly believe in the end results I create and also believe there is value in the services I provide in the industry.



Working With Me.

So the question is why would you work with me? Let me list what I think are important to you the artist:

  • You’re looking for a mixing engineer that will help you impress your peers and connect you to more fans online.

  • You want to stand out in a sea of recorded music online. Showcasing a truly unique sounding production that could land you more gig’s.

  • You want to work in-depth with an engineer to craft your dream album or overall sound without compromise.

  • You want a mixing engineer with almost 20 years experience in music production.

My Mixing Style

I consider myself to be a creative mixer like a painter who makes an amazing painting from a blank canvas. If you’re looking for someone to take your tracks and balance them and get a straightforward mix down I can of course do that. However if you have a specific sound in your head that you want to achieve but don’t have the skills to get that sound down yourself I can help you. Maybe you envision this epic soundscape that basic mixing isn’t going to achieve, or you need effects and dynamics added to take your raw tracks to the next level!

I offer free unlimited mix revisions (within reason). Usually we can get things right in 2 - 3 revisions on most songs but in some cases it can take more.

Working With You

I want to become part of your creative process. Working with you, discussing your ideas and ultimately bringing them to life through my mixing of your music. There’s a thousand guy’s out there that can throw up the faders and get you a solid mix. Question is how many of them want to really listen and work with you to bring your dream mix to reality? Let’s not make the process boring let’s create something beautiful.



My Mixing Portfolio

My Mixing Setup

I primarily mix “In the box” using the REAPER Digital Audio Workstation and use a variety of equipment and software.

Outboard analog hardware compressors and Equalisers, analog emulation plugins from companies such as Slate Digital, Fabfilter, Brainworx / Plugin Alliance and Waves. A full multi-monitor studio speaker setup and very importantly an acoustically treated studio to ensure I’m hearing everything I need to provide a great mix.

I understand quality gear is important but more importantly the mixing engineer behind that gear is the most important factor. We’ve all heard the saying “All the gear and no idea!” ;)

Mastering Service

I do offer song mastering as a service. I know not everyone can afford to pay for mixing and mastering services separately. Although if you already have a good relationship with a mastering engineer I always suggest getting mastering done by them. I still offer mixing and mastering services to my clients as it is a more budget friendly option for some people.

If you already have your mixes completed I am happy to master them for you no problem as a standalone service!

I will master your first song COMPLETELY FREE if you pay for multiple songs to be mastered by me. Also free unlimited revisions on mastering too again within reason.


My Client’s

I pride myself on my work and client’s feedback. See what my client’s past and present have to say about my mixing and mastering.


"Steve Murray has, from my first contact, been most helpful and friendly. His work on my album has far exceeded expectations and the quality of his mixes has lifted the songs and given them a truly professional sheen. Steve has real talent and creative skills. For someone like me, relatively new to the music business, Steve's experience and guidance has been invaluable. I will certainly be returning to him to work on my second album."

Mark Avison |


“If you're looking for an engineer who cares about your project, will spend quality time and give important feedback then look no further than Steve. Working with some online engineers can feel soulless and frustrating but Mix2Master was totally the opposite, a gem of a find. Don't miss out on the current special offer either for mixing and mastering, it's superb value and worth every penny! Hats off to Steve!”


"Steve, Many thanks for a truly professional service. It was great to work with someone so easy going and amenable who was able to give us novices lots of help and advice. The tracks sound amazing, well done for putting up with our many requests in such a pleasant way. The turnaround time was superb and we will certainly recommend you to our friends etc. and look forward to using you again. Good luck for the future."

Humble Scribes |

Remember I work with artists all over the world no matter their location.
— Steve Murray
“Steve has a clear understanding of what a customer wants in their mix. He’s a pleasure to work with from beginning to end with a work ethic unlike any other. It’s almost impossible to find this kind of professionalism at such an affordable price.

One of the best engineers I have ever worked with, hands down.”
— Charles Q. from New Jersey, United States

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I look forward to hearing from you.

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