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Mix2Master Studio | 18/4 Gladstone Street | Hawick | Scottish Borders | SCOTLAND | TD9 0HX

Tel: 07870 557799 Email: info@mix2master.co.uk

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Mixing and Mastering Services


Mixing and Mastering Services by Steve Murray - Audio Engineer.


Professional quality top level mixing. Great pricing.

Song Mixing £55 per song. Song Mastering £22 per song.

Radio ready, competative sounding songs at affordable prices.

Upload your song - Free mastering preview available.

Contact me today for all your mixing and mastering requirements!


Based in bonnie Scotland with 15 years experience.

An experienced mixing and mastering engineer capable of bringing out the personality and emotional content of your songs.

Balancing of all instruments and vocals.

Overall clarity, depth and width. Editing of takes e.g. Drums or vocals and effects including delay, reverb, autotune and more.

"It was great to work with someone so easy going and amenable who was able to give us novices lots of help and advice. The tracks sound amazing, well done for putting up with our many requests in such a pleasant way."

Services Include:

  • Post-Productions Audio

  • TV, Film & Video Audio

  • Mixing

  • Remixing

  • Mastering

  • Mixtape Mastering

  • RedBook CD Mastering

  • DDP Image Creation





If you require video audio editing, Film soundtrack work or Television audio please feel free to enquire.

This is how YOUR song could sound with Mix2Master Professional Mixing and Mastering: