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Professional Quality Mastering and Mixing -

Simple, Convenient & Affordable Online Mastering is a convinient service. Your location does not matter. I offer professional mixing and mastering at affordable rates for everyone. Producers, musicians and record labels.


Free Mix Critique -

You can send your mix in for a free mix critique. This can help you improve the sound of your mix before the mastering stage.


My Guarantee: -

I always supply what I believe to be the best quality work at an affordable price point.

I will always send you a sample of the mastered track.

You won’t have to pay for anything until you are completely happy with the results.

I believe in fair pricing and a personal service.

If you want to deal with an engineer from start to finish of a project and get great results Mix2Master is for you.


Why Mix2Master?

You're making some great music but you lack the experience to master or mix your own tracks.

You may have a room that isn't setup or suitable to master in or low quality monitors or even no monitors at all. This makes it hard to get the results to get your songs sounding great.

At Mix2Master my studio is properly treated and I have numerious monitors and speakers by which to reference your tracks.

When choosing Mix2Master to work on your audio your getting an experienced musician and multi-genre Mixing and Mastering engineer with client's globally.


Why are our services so affordable?

Because as a working musician myself I know cost’s are important.


How is it possible to be so affordable?

Simply, I work on my own from my small mixing and mastering studio. A room with the sole purpose from day 1 to mix and master in. Don’t let that fool you into thinking quality is compromised, I guarantee professional quality mixes and masters. You don’t foot the bill for expensive commercial studio space but get a commercial studio sound.


My rates are affordable payment plans are available and I always discount albums and EP's, just email me to discuss a discount. Or complete the Discount Enquiry form.

FAQ's Client Reviews

'Mix2Master provide a fantastic option for mixing and mastering your work.  Steve has taken our music to a whole new level.  His services delivered an immense and professional sound to our music and his expert creative insight used on developing the sounds was invaluable.


Not only that, Steve listens, acts and advises on all aspects of the music:  The musical structure, sound and tones of the song are all analysed to get the best out of the tracks.  The contacts that Steve and Mix2Master have are extensive and he seems to take great pride in helping bands progress, not just developing a sound.


We would really recommend you use Mix2Master to enhance your project, would will not be disappointed!" - Headlight, 2014.